Alphabet Book and Printable Letter Worksheets For Kids!

We’ve created an FREE Printable Alphabet Book and Letter Worksheets (from A through Z) for the home or classroom. Perfect for any alphabet or first words theme units for preschool and kindergarten children.

This Printable Alphabet Book is 53 pages long and it’s got it all – 4 pages devoted to each alphabet letter, tracing practice for each letter, names of objects for each alphabet letter, and more!

Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! by Dr. Seuss is a wonderful book to read to children when teaching them the alphabet. And, there are so many fun alphabet letter activities to go along with the book, like this printable Alphabet Book Letter Activity for Kids!

While the children are working on their alphabet book activity pages, play the A Is For Apple Song for kids in the background.

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A Is For Apple Song for kids is the perfect complement to any alphabet book activities for kids!

Click on the link below to download the Alphabet Book in Adobe PDF format and save to your computer.

Kids Printable Alphabet Activity Book

This Alphabet Activity Book is a great way to help children learn:

  1. their letters
  2. the alphabet
  3. to print alphabet letters
  4.  the names of objects that begin with each alphabet letter
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